Photo of Pedro Orta

Dr Pedro Orta is a Holistic Chiropractor who has been practicing in Ocala since 2003. His goal: 'Life-Changing Healthcare, Personalized For You.'; He doesn't treat a body part - he treats a person! He also equips others to be proactive with their own health. His mission, as he sees it is to change the world - one life at a time!

Courses Through June 2022

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CourseID Course Title
WEL175 Regain Your Energy
WEL117 Shoulder Pain
WEL125 Symptoms and Solutions for Plantar Fasciitis
WEL136 Sciatica, Bulging Discs, And Leg Pain
WEL118 How to Restore Thyroid Function
WEL110 Is Neuropathy Ruining Your Life?
WEL186 How to Eliminate or Alleviate Headaches
WEL138 Are You Experiencing Digestive Problems?
WEL119 Arthritis Treatments and Strategies for Managing Joint Pain
WEL173 Natural Therapies for Insomnia