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Cancellation Policy

Refunds will be given to participants who request to cancel a class at least six business days prior to the start date of the class, except for Educational Destinations, Art Workshops, and Local Flavors which has a twenty-five (25) Business Day policy. Refunds are not available for Pre-recorded Distance Learning classes.

Students who cancel after the business day rule before a class, or do not attend the class, forfeit the full tuition paid. Students who qualify may request a credit to apply to future classes, a credit back to the credit card used at the time of registration, or a check for check/cash transactions. Note: There will be a $3 processing fee applied to all refund requests.

If Master the Possibilities cancels a class at any time, full tuition paid by the student will be issued to the student, unless the student prefers to receive credit for a future course. All credit balances will automatically be paid to the student around the beginning of each month. Please allow two weeks for processing checks and credit card refunds.
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