Selecting the best possible course mix to meet our students’ needs and interests is very important to us. We strive to include a broad spectrum of courses, so everyone can find something that they will enjoy. Many courses are offered in multiple terms and MTP includes a significant number of new courses each term. We are always on the lookout for topics that may generate interest such as current events, new trends and technology, topics emerging in books, magazines and the electronic media, and courses requested by our students. New courses or updates to an existing course are always encouraged. 

Generally, financial and legal courses are not offered unless they are provided by a public service entity or have been part of MTP’s long-term programming. We are a non-solicitation campus and not interested in programs which sell products or services and do not offer educational value. Each term, staff and faculty will work collaboratively to identify and promote learning. 

We welcome prospective faculty members to submit an application and encourage them to become familiar with our curriculum before submitting a proposal. Please visit www.masterthepossibilities.org for additional MTP information.


  • A clear communicator.
  • Able to teach with ample real-world experience.
  • Able to show confidence teaching and presenting to a class.
  • Technologically savvy: can utilize, or is willing to learn, email, different online learning systems and other ways to communicate with students.
  • Passionate about specific topics, and education in general.
  • Able to develop own teaching materials by providing handouts and other basic learning support materials, and complies with all licensure/tax requirements, if applicable, including copyrights.
  • Able to complete administrative duties, including but not limited to recording attendance, student evaluations, announcements, etc. in a timely manner. 
  • Creatively engaged in instructional development and research to improve participant learning and remain current in the field of study.
  • One who attends meetings and/or special events held by Master the Possibilities, Inc. to help promote individual courses, and the organization as a whole.
  • One who communicates with MTP staff concerning any issues related to classroom operations, and abides by all policies and procedures of Master the Possibilities, Inc.
  • One who demonstrates cordial, professional interaction with all faculty, staff and students at all times

Review of the proposals will be completed at our earliest convenience. If the course is appropriate and a good fit with other programming and student interests, and does not promote a business, we will contact you to discuss options for adding the course to our curriculum. Additional contractual agreement information will be provided at this time. 


Instructor/lecturers are independent contractors and not employees of Master the Possibilities (MTP). MTP shall neither pay nor withhold federal, state or local income tax or payroll tax of any kind on behalf of the instructor/lecturer. Instructor/lecturers are individually responsible to determine their tax liability, if any, and to pay any amounts due to the appropriate taxing authorities. MTP does not share faculty information outside the organization, except that which is required by law. 


  • Volunteer Instructor
  • A per person rate
  • Visiting Scholars and Artists – Based on travel costs, distance, and credentials


Master the Possibilities requires strict adherence to this policy. As part of the course of instruction as instructors are interacting with students, instructors may not refer or direct students to any other business or organization for the purpose of promoting, recruiting, membership, sales, mailing lists, or any other form of engagement asking for a student’s participation with an organization or activity outside of class. In short, Master the Possibilities, Inc. does not permit solicitation of our students in any way. Examples of solicitation include, but are not limited to:

  • Requesting and using student emails for purposes other than providing instructional references / supplemental material for the class
  • Asking for the purchase of products or services from students
  • Promotion of specific products or services during course presentations
  • Distribution of business cards, the use of business logos during presentation, supplying contact information
  • Distribution of sales literature including discount coupons designed to solicit purchases of products or services
  • Sign-ups for memberships or subscriptions for any public or private entity
  • Promoting additional courses or consulting services offered outside of MTP 
  • Requesting student signatures to support political actions
  • Circulating surveys or questionnaires other than those provided by MTP
  • Any other type of promotional influence beyond instructional teaching on a specific topic.

If unsure, instructors should contact MTP staff prior to the class start to verify that any material or message imparted to students meets non-solicitation standards. Master the Possibilities may inspect classroom materials and content at any time and may reject all or part from inclusion in a class. Failure to adhere to this policy may result in removal of the instructor’s class(es) from the curriculum up to exclusion of the instructor from any further classes. 

In some cases, books, videos, movies or other items that are directly applicable to the course content may be pre-approved for sale by the Director of Education. An example would be a visiting author whose program focuses primarily on their published book. All such items must be pre-approved in writing. Faculty members are permitted to share their credentials including current employer and contact information such as email and phone numbers only for the purpose of additional assistance with the instructional content provided in class.


Course proposals must be submitted via forms found on our website: www.masterthepossibilities.org/teach-at-mtp. MTP prohibits the promotion and advertising/marketing of any type of business. Marketing examples include: name tags; logos; company promotions; sales of books and distributions of business cards.

When submitting any course proposal, you will agree to the terms set by MTP, which includes no promotion of any kind of business or organization outside of MTP (unless given permission). 


  • Classroom space        
  • 500 copies per class section for handouts
  • Classroom Technology (specified on proposal form)  Marketing (if specified deadlines are met)
  • Staff help with curriculum, registrations, and classroom setup
  • All other resources are the responsibility of the instructor, unless previously agreed upon by MTP staff


Master the Possibilities operates using the following term schedule:

  • January to June
  • July to December


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