Title: Cyber Security 1

Instructor: Kendall Knapp

Estimated Course Fee: Members: $3; Non-Members: $8

Course Description: (1-day class, 1 hr) This is a class on Cyber Security, what it is, what can and does go wrong and digital misconceptions your friends and the TV have told you. This will describe what, when and to whom you can give PII, Personally Identifiable Information, like your SSN too. and examples. Handouts will be provided.

Title: Fundamentals of Cycling for Health and Fitness

Instructor: Nick Arkon

Estimated Course Fee: Members: $23; Non-Members: $28

Course Description: (2-day class, 2 hrs each) This course/seminar is designed to help anyone who enjoys bicycling. Topics to include health benefits, nutrition, training, proper clothing, positioning and bicycle safety measures. The course will also discuss the various types of bicycles and which bicycle is best for your overall needs.
Cycling is one of the most beneficial activities that will help you improve your overall health and stamina while having fun.
1. Session 1: Basic bicycling
     a. Components of the bicycle
     b. Evolution of the bicycle (types of bicycles best for your needs i.e. Adult tricycle, recumbent, E-bike; 3 speed; 10 speed; Fixed wheel
     c. What clothing to wear ( helmet, optional cycling shoes, jersey/shorts; gloves etc)
2. Session 2: Preparation to Ride "Gearing Up"
     a. Medical Physical Check up
     b. Cycling techniques, using the proper gearing, positioning the saddle and proper height of the saddle, cycling computers; Safety procedures
     c. Basic tools to carry on your bicycle (spare tire, tire irons, CO2 inflator or pump, personal ID, etc)
     d. Going the Distance (How far should you ride; High gears, low gears, spinning, observing road obstacles)
      e. Keep a record of your cycling events


Title: Liquid Abstract Art

Instructor: Judy Wagnitz

Estimated Course Fee: Members: $38; Non-Members: $43

Course Description: (4-day class, 3 hrs each) How to prepare a canvas.  How to mix paint.   Different ways to apply it to the canvas,   Fun ways to change it to be your own design.   We will start with a dirty pour.