William and Sue Wills

William and Sue Wills have been working together as a team on stage ever since the day they met doing a show together in Baltimore, Maryland in 1970. At the end of 2015, they passed 8,700 performances on stage of various shows.
For the Presidents and Their First Ladies, dramatically speaking programs, William does the research (using mostly existing books and magazine articles and some original research), writes the first draft of the scripts, then Sue edits the same. Sue either "finds" or creates all of their costuming. Many years they gave over 300 appearances each year,including 340 in 2004! But 2012 brought a change in Bill and Sue's lives and they have stopped their routine of touring for 9 months every year. They now are performing only in Florida and for special events throughout the USA.
Sounds grueling, doesn't it ? But this is basically the same routine they used for 20 years when they operated their own theater company in the resort of Ocean City, Maryland. They presented not only Broadway fare, but 30 original musicals for children for which William wrote the scripts and Sue the music.

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Presidents and Their First Ladies, Dramatically Speaking: George and Barbara Bush

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