Aimee Pritchard

Aimee began her career in 2007 as a keeper at Silver Springs Nature's Theme Park in Ocala, FL. She moved up the ranks finally securing a supervisory position overseeing all four wildlife shows. Silver Springs closed in 2012 and she found herself in Tyler, Texas as the Supervisor of the Avian Department at the Caldwell Zoo. Her dream since the closing of Silver Springs has been to bring wildlife education back to her home town. In 2018, she moved back to Ocala and started Ambassadors of Nature Education Foundation, a conservation and wildlife education not for profit.

Courses Through June 2022

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CourseID Course Title
EPW104 Endangered Species Around the World
EPW126 Wild About Animals: Wild Florida
EPW103 World Wetlands Day
EPW122 Why Birds Matter
PET110 Earth Day: Helping Our Planet
EPW101 Wild About Animals: Desert Dwellers
EPW121 Fact or Fiction: Busting Common Animal Myths
EPW137 Cindo de Rhino
HIS325 Journey of American Conservation