DL Havlin

DL Havlin is an eclectic author whose novels, novellas, and short stories mirror his rich, varied background. He has packed three lifetimes of experiences into one brim full existence. He believes, 'The one big advantage writing at an advanced age provides is that life is what you know and not what you project it might be.'; An avid lover of the outdoors and sports enthusiast, his passion for fishing, hunting and camping are frequently included in his writing. A deep love for nature and especially wild Florida often furnish settings for his work, but his travels make places such as Kiev, Singapore, London, New York, Modena, or Saxonhausen backgrounds for his stories as well. His unique combination of a vivid imagination and his ability to weave intricate plot lines, seasoned by his life-time exposure to fascinating story possibilities and his knowledge of human nature, provides the heart-felt, enjoyable reading his novels provide. He answers, 'Why do you write?'; by saying, 'To entertain—that's first, but to provoke thought is a close second. I firmly believe both are done through the heart, for the mind is seldom opened until it is emotionally conditioned to respond.'; Come by and see me at www.dlhavlin.com and SandySays1.wordpress.com.

Courses Through June 2022

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CourseID Course Title
HIS465 The Lives of Two of Florida's Medal of Honor Recipients
HIS476 How the Forgotten Years Affected Florida
HIS207 King of the Cattle Barons
HIS461 Rising Above- The Jacqueline Cochran Story
HIS462 Why Did Edison, One of the World's Greatest Inventors, Choose Florida?
HIS483 Florida's Contribution to WWII & WW II's Contribution to Florida
HIS474 Two of WWIIs Important Generals Were Florida Men
HIS206 Florida Was in the Revolutionary War?
TRV208 Florida Historic Places and Museums