Photo of Tracy Ryzan Ross

Tracy Ryzan Ross is a fully inspired and deeply passionate yoga instructor, licensed massage therapist, speaker, trainer, personal development coach and published author. She believes the mind is a powerful tool and the body is capable of healing itself given the right conditions. Her beliefs are based on her first hand experience of having to heal herself from severe adrenal fatigue and depression caused by 7 years of being a workaholic project manager. Through her knowledge of the body, massage modalities and discovering and incorporating Yoga into her daily life, she made a miraculous recovery and realized she was passionate about sharing the gift of Yoga and massage with others.

Courses for January to June 2021

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CourseID Course Title
NAT125 Self Reflexology for Hands and Feet
FIT105 Ultra Beginner's Yoga Series Level 1
FIT121 Beginner's Yoga Series- Intermediate
FIT132 Ultra-Beginners Yoga Series Level 2