Photo of Norm Lantz

Norm earned a BS in Economics at Widener University and completed courses in birding biology at Cornell Lab Of Ornithology. Norm has taught birding classes and seminars for the last 30 years. He is also a former antiques dealer specializing in repair and restoration of antique furniture and at present is a professional woodturner.

Courses for January to June 2021

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CourseID Course Title
SCI118 Birds of the Upper Withlacoochee River
EPW110 Raptors I: Hawks, Eagles, and Related Birds
EPW111 Raptors II: Owls, Falcons and Kites
EPW115 Birds of the Rainbow River
EPW119 Birding: Wood Warblers I
EPW131 All About Woodpeckers
EPW132 Daffy, Donald and Other Ducks!
EPW133 Mimids and Related Birds
EPW134 Birding: Wood Warblers II