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Dr. Don Wyman is a veteran of the US Army and has 22 years of service with the Central Intelligence Agency. Wyman uses this rich background combined with his extensive studies and research in American History to create unique lectures. His one-of-a kind art and colorful presentations delve into the clandestine activities and the tradecraft used by the most notable American personalities and the effects that each had on the nation's history. Presentations often focus on the use of codes, ciphers, secret writing and cryptography. Dr. Wyman, along with his partner, Ms. Suzanne Crosby, has been a professional Ballroom & Line Dance Instructors with 30 years combined teaching and performing experience. Suzanne and Don have taught and performed dance demonstrations at all the major Ballrooms throughout New England. They have also won every major award at Dance Competitions, and have choreographed dance shows for an assortment of charitible fund-raising events. Don and his highly successful students of all ages combined to win the 'Top Studio'; and 'Top Teacher'; Awards for six consecutive years at the Bay State Ball Competition. Don continues to teach his own group and private lessons;, was an invited guest instructor at all the major Ballrooms in New England, and continues to customize First Dance Wedding Dance choreography for hundreds of couples. They have recently taught and performed on many international Cruise Line voyages; many private functions and Nursing and Assisted Living Residences in the Massachusetts and Florida areas. Board Certified Dance Instructors, they taught for many years at the Lifelong Learning College in the Villages, Stonecrest Community Center, and assorted dance venues, and have performed and taught classes for many Private Clubs.

Courses Through June 2022

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CourseID Course Title
HIS498 Abraham Lincoln: A Great Life Part 2
HOB138 Deciphering Cryptograms: An Amazing Lifelong Skill
HIS499 The Great Native American Leaders Part 2
HIS407 Female Spies of the Civil War
HIS497 Abraham Lincoln: A Great Life Part 1
HIS170 America's Second Spymaster: Military Intelligence Hall of Fame Inductee
HIS224 The Great Native American Leaders Part 1
HIS173 Pirates! A History of Piracy- 2000 Years and Counting
HIS221 Lincoln's Last Trial
ARH105 Fred Astaire and His Dance Partners