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Tech Diver / Story Teller / Shark Behaviorist. David Ulloa is the president and owner of Valeo Films Inc. (VFI), an independent film and video production company, a principal in AlphaX Subsea Search & Recovery, AlphaXpeditions, divisions of Valeo Films, Inc., and the co-founder of Trident Global Imaging, LLC. David's passion for his film and video production work and his performance as an Director of Photography, AD, UPM, Line Producer, Writer, Director and Producer have earned him the respect of his colleagues as well as the industry at large. In addition to his company's professional activities, David regularly participates in numerous film related events and festivals. David is also very enthusiastic about speaking at conventions, museums, schools, universities, group meetings and dive clubs. AlphaX Subsea Search and Recovery, a division of Valeo Films Inc., specializes in underwater search and recovery. Although our teams have experience in all depths of water, we specialize in locating and bringing up items such as aircraft, boats, and merchandise from hard-to-reach depths. We have experience working in U.S. territorial and international waters and our professional services are affordably designed. Through Trident Global Imaging, David works to develop compelling visual products that speak to mankind's fundamental need to explore. His expertise lies in his extensive imaging experience, an understanding of the technology required to reliably capture and deliver virtual tours, and a thorough understanding of the needs of businesses to uniquely engage their customers. Through TGI, David is rated by Google as a Trusted Independent Photographer. As The Shark Whisperer at AlphaXpeditions, David works to enlighten and inform audiences about our oceans, the creatures within them and the now widely-recognized realization that we must do everything within our power to safeguard these natural assets. A fundamental mission of his is to highlight the plight of the most graceful, intelligent and magnificent of all ocean creatures -; the shark -; and to propose solutions toward their protection and conservation. He is recognized as The Shark Whisperer because of his ability to effectively communicate with sharks using large animal behavior techniques. David was co-host of 'The Quest for Sunken Warships,'; a series for Discovery Networks' Military Channel and featured on the History Channel's 'MysteryQuest.' David has also been published in several global publications.


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