Nancy McKay for AARP Driver Safety

Ms. McKay has various degrees and certifications including a B.S., University of Florida, M.S., Florida Atlantic University, and specialty certifications in counseling including C.R.C., C.I.R.S., C.V.S., C.C.M. and Certified Professional Guardian. After over 40 years in private rehabilitation counseling practice, working with and advocating for people with multiple and often severe disabling conditions, Ms. McKay turned to volunteering with the goal of being of service and having fun at the same time. Currently, Ms. McKay, an AARP Smart Driver Instructor, is also a Certified Master Gardener, Certified Master Naturalist, Certified SHINE counselor, C.E.R.T., AARP Let's Talk Counselor and CAR-FIT technician.

Courses for January to June 2021

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PUB101 AARP Driver Safety Program