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It always amazes me when I visit with Master the Possibilities students. Many times, when walking through our Living Room and Lobby, I am stopped by a student either on the way to class or enjoying a treat from Sid’s Café. Often, this brief pause in my day is filled with feedback from a person who is excited and passionate by being in the building- our Education Center.

The topic of this visit was about our Stained Glass classes, and this student asked me to follow her to Studio 1 so she could show what she was able to create in class. The pure joy and excitement on her face was priceless when she spoke about all her hard work on this one piece, and everything she has been learning to hone her technical skills. She knew exactly where this piece of art would be proudly displayed when completed, and she was already excitedly speaking about the next project challenge on her task list.

I was briefly stopped yesterday about course content for our January through June curriculum. This student who regularly visits our classrooms gave me a run down of his class transcript for the remainder of this year and wanted me to be aware that he is waiting with anticipation for the new curriculum to be released next month. As he smiled and walked down the hall for a class that was about to start, I stood there a moment and looked around the room at all the visitors in our building. Some were heading down the hall with notepad and pen in hand, and a few were sitting in the lobby area by Sid’s Café enjoying a coffee and conversation. I remember thinking to myself at that moment how amazing of a place this is to work.

For those who would like to get caught up in the excitement at our Education Center, check out our website for a complete list of educational options. This month alone, there are more than 215 classes to choose from, with our Special Event this month being the Veterans Services presentation by Kenneth Puckett on Tuesday, October 17 from 1 to 4 p.m. at the Circle Square Cultural Center. There is no cost to attend this presentation, but registration is required.

Our Visiting Speaker this month is Cathy Salustri, who will be offering two lectures on Wednesday, October 18 in Live Oak Hall. From 10:30 to 11:30 a.m., the topic is Two Thanksgivings and No Pilgrims. In this presentation, she will enlighten the audience about the very first two Thanksgivings in the “New World,” and give insight about them being held right here in Florida. Her 1 to 2 p.m. presentation, Florida: Then and Now, will include a virtual trip around our great state of Florida for a discussion about how much it has changed over the past century. Cost to attend each event is $8 for members and $13 for the general public.

There is so much to do and experience at Master the Possibilities. Visit our website 24/7 at www.masterthepossibilities.org and get involved in the excitement of learning.