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It has been wonderful to see the hustle and bustle at the Education Center so far this year. I have been told by quite a few Master the Possibilities participants that learning was made a specific part of their 2022 resolutions.

As I pondered that thought, I realized that having lifelong learning as a goal for 2022 is a magnificent goal. There have been multiple studies that prove lifelong learning is great for the mind, body, and soul. It is great for the brain, and recent research has found that brain cells continue to work at optimum levels when one acquires new knowledge. Many experts believe this can help limit cognitive and memory decline and help keep individuals healthier.

Taking classes and learning new things also helps keep people connected and happier, according to many recent studies. The more engaged an individual is in the classroom, the more fulfilled that person becomes and enjoys learning new things to gain a better understanding of our society. What is even better is the fact lifelong learning is done on the individual’s terms. It is a self-directed learning path, which gives the person the choice of what to learn and when.

One of the goals at Master the Possibilities is to offer an abundance of courses on many different topics to give participants the ability to participate in and experience the benefits of lifelong learning. Our mission is to inspire students to explore their interests, uncover passions they may have never known they had, and use their talents in the classroom to share with others to make a positive change in the world we live today. We are committed to providing the environment in which one can educationally thrive in our classrooms.

The Master the Possibilities team of faculty and staff have put together a curriculum of more than 500 courses this term. In February alone, our faculty is facilitating more than 150 classroom opportunities that vary from art history to Yoga. Our course listing this month also includes courses that touch on Black History Month and Presidents’ Day.

If learning, becoming healthier, getting more involved in the community, or sharing a passion was part of your 2022 resolution, stop by Master the Possibilities and let our team help you keep and maintain that goal all year. To receive information about our curriculum, becoming a faculty member, or volunteering at our Education Center, visit our website at www.masterthepossibilities.org, or stop by or call our Main Office 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday at (352) 861-9751.

While in our building, don’t forget to visit Sid’s Café for a Starbucks coffee and tasty Danish or muffin. The blueberry muffin is one of my favorites. Oh, and they have daily lunch specials too. Packing a lunch before class is not necessary. Sid’s Café shares the lobby that leads to most of our classrooms. One could almost attend classes all day and never leave hungry.