Photo of Leroy Chandler

Leroy Chandler's long-range plan always involved contributing to the betterment of his community. Even in the early 1970s, when Chandler was a top graduating student at Daytona Beach College of Applied Science and was sent north to join General Motors' management team in Michigan, he and his wife Emma planned to work 10 years to gain some experience, knowledge and capital, and then return to Flemington, where his parents had lived since 1958. Emma and Leroy recently retired from DeConna Ice Cream in Reddick, where she was in sales and he was a supervisor. But Chandler always felt his true calling was ministry. He started ministering part-time to jail and prison inmates and is currently pastor of New St. Paul Church in Flemington. One of his biggest passions has been creating the Shamgar Ministries' Pathways to Freedom Exhibit. After years of curating, research and study he created a massive collection of unique and historical items of the history of African people.

Chandler, Leroy

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