Connie Ferreira has been working with polymer clay for about 17 years. She studied art at the College of Central Florida, and has continued to take workshops given by various artists in the U.S. and in Europe. Ferreira has worked in acrylics, watercolors, polymer clay and, lately, in pen and ink.

Constance Taylor is a retired professional educator with a Master's in Curriculum and Instruction and has a Genealogical Research certificate from Boston University. She founded and ran her own genealogical research and consulting company for several years before moving to Florida in 2017 and was a member of the professional genealogist community.

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Dave Schlenker has been a reporter, editor and columnist with the Ocala Star-Banner and The Gainesville Sun for more than 25 years. In that quarter-century, he most likely will be remembered as the journalist who broke the two-butted chicken story that rattled cages from that quiet farm in Ocala to Jay Leno’s desk in Los Angeles.

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Dean has been the Astronomer for the Cincinnati Observatory since 2000. He is a renowned educator, a national popularizer of astronomy and an expert in observational astronomy.

Dee Collier is a former elementary school teacher who loves drama and history. The combination of those skills and interests meld perfectly to create authentic historical characterizations.

Dennis Meredith is a retired world language teacher and director of cultural education for a not-for –profit cultural immersion program. He has travelled extensively to Europe, Mexico and Costa Rica. Keynote speaker at World Language Conferences.

Dick Riberdy taught French at the high school level for 40 plus years. He had two years of intensive French instruction with Les Pères de LaSalette, a B.A. in French from University of Connecticut and a M.S. in English from University of Maine.

DL Havlin is an eclectic author whose novels, novellas, and short stories mirror his rich, varied background. He has packed three lifetimes of experiences into one brim full existence.

Dolores Spain is a Public Education Officer for the U.S. Coast Guard of Ocala. She has 26 years’ experience as a teacher and school administrator in Roselle, Illinois. She moved to Florida in 1987 and joined the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary the following year. In 1994, she was certified as a master instructor for the Auxiliary.

Donna worked and traveled for over twenty five years with the American Red Cross, providing social work services to the Armed Forces. In her recent career advancement, Donna received formal certification in Fund Raiding Management from Indiana University.

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Doris Meyer has over 25 years experience with ceramics. She is a Certified Duncan Ceramics Art teacher, who is also xperienced with many other companies paints, glazes, etc. Meyer has taught classes at Rancho del Lago in Tucson, AZ for four years and is also experienced with clay hand-building.

Douglas Hart has over 30 years of experience in IT auditing, security and fraud work, including both United States and International. He is currently involved with the Florida Attorney General's Office in their Seniors vs. Crime program, which he serves as the Manager of the Ocala office.

Dr. Jamie Amir completed his dental training at Guy's, King's and St. Thomas's Dental School in London, before moving to Florida where he completed two years of comprehensive dental implant training at the University of Florida Center for implant dentistry.

Dr. Gaudier is neurologist practicing in Ocala for 25 years. He studied medicine at the University of Puerto Rico and then moved to the states for his Neurology training in Alabama, before establishing his practice in Marion County.

Dr. Martin Hoffert is professor emeritus of physics (Earth Systems Science) at New York University. A former chair of the applied science department, he has published extensively in energy, space and climate science. His academic background includes a B.S. in Aeronautical Engineering from the University of Michigan, a Ph.D.

Dr. Yousef Elyaman received his medical degree from the University of Technology in Santiago. He is board certified in internal medicine and is board eligible in pediatrics.

Dr. Andrew Nichols is a psychologist, parapsychologist, and investigator of alleged poltergeist cases and other paranormal phenomena. He is a member of the American Psychological Association, the Parapsychological Association, and the Society for Psychological Hypnosis.