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September 2017

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The Fall 2017 Term Begins!

Wild and Wonderful Florida

September 2017 World News
By Margaret Spontak

The fall term at Master the Possibilities features all things to love and learn about Florida. With over 550 classes, you are sure to find some that meet your interests and fuel your passion.

University of Florida Press connected us with many great authors. Three Florida culinary experts and a craft beer aficionado with recently written books come to newly renovated Studio 10. Two travel experts join me for the Discover Florida series. Delve into Florida Soul music with author John Capouya (Nov. 9). A meteorologist and researcher share the science behind Florida Weather and Climate: More Than Just Sunshine (Oct. 6).

UF manatee expert Bob Bonde is back to talk about these gentle giants (Oct. 12). Barbara Toeppen-Sprigg shares tips on where to spot them (Dec. 5). Florida Wildlife Commission explains how to live with wildlife (Nov. 29) including Florida Black Bears (Oct. 30). The Birds of Florida series features everything from hummingbirds to how to spot birds by sound.

Explore the world of famous naturalist William Bartram with talks, hikes, paddling adventures and pontoon boat rides. Take your art outdoors with the Nature’s Outdoor Classroom series including painting, drawing and photographing with nature.

Sit back and enjoy Florida storytellers and classic Florida films. Billy Bass and Dick Belz tell Florida history like never before. Judge Jim McCune and former Assistant State Attorney Jim Phillips share two wild Florida legal cases that will keep you on the edge of your seat (Oct. 19 & Nov. 16).

Want to try some special Florida southern-style restaurants? Dining around Florida features four restaurants from Crystal River, Palatka, Astor, and Cross Creek. Trying to discover some good Florida reads? The Marion County Public Library team shares Florida Good Reads (Dec. 5) or sit-in on four lectures featuring famous Florida authors.

Beyond the Florida themed classes, we have plenty of other featured speakers and programs. Marion County Superintendent Heidi Maier shares her “boots on the ground” changes in education (Oct. 18).

If you love new technology, Don Wright features a new course, Introduction to 3D Printing (Oct. 17). Ed Tehnor provides an opportunity to Fly a Flight Simulator (Nov. 2). Astrophysicist Jerry Heines is back with talks on space (Oct. 9) and radar systems (Nov. 6). Heines designed products for defense and space. Advanced military systems such as the Patriot, Global Hawk, Longbow, and Black Hawk utilize many of his designs.

Dr. Scott Olsen, retired professor from College of Central Florida, brings an intriguing series of three lectures and three performances beginning Sept. 12 on Exploring Transformative Experiences. Peruvian painter/performers and musicians demonstrate how they create vivid images from the Peruvian rain forest. Look for their art display in Studio 9 beginning Sept. 11.

Want help planning your course line-up, come to the Fall Term Kick-off on Fri., Sept. 8 from 1:30 to 3:30 and sample free courses from 10:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. For details email, call our 24-hour hotline at (352) 854-3699, or look under Special Events at


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