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The Winter 2018 Term

Exploring How it All Works

February 2018 World News
By Michelle Shideler

Master the Possibilities may just have the answer for those willing to accept the challenge of exploring ways things really work. With special focus this term on technology, science, health, and government, there is sure to be that one event that will help guide you to a better understanding and appreciation for growth and development.

For those not quite sure where to begin, why not start with learning about 21st Century Technology with Moving Into a Virtual World March 21, 28 and Apr. 4 (p. 43)? This first course of a two-part series will give participants a chance to explore developments and products, some of which may have a profound influence on everyday life, and even the world. Topics to be covered include smart home technologies, augmented and virtual reality, and advancements in meteorology.

Instructors Dr. Martin Hoffert and Don Wright will be hosting an event all about Drones March 9. This is a great opportunity for those who are still trying to answer questions about what drones are, what functionality they serve, or even where they came from. This is a great time to learn all about this exciting new chapter in aviation history.

Wanting to get physical with exploring how things work? Join instructor Jessica Pinkowski March 13 to learn five components that play a critical role in health and well-being in Let’s Get Physical. Don’t forget to take a deep breath while learning the ancient science of Taking a Breath: Pranayama Breathing Exercises and Guided Meditation March 5 with Tracy Ryzan-Ross. As an added bonus, participants will be learning how to practice breathing for a quiet mind and calm body.

Prepare to have imaginations challenged under the direction of Jerry Heines, Ph.D., by attending What is Quantum Physics? March 15. This event will help reveal answers to many philosophical and amazing questions by learning about the fascinating era of Physics.

For those participants who are more hand’s-on with learning, join the Birds of Rainbow River event scheduled March 19 and 26. Learn about many interesting water, wading and song birds. Then, take a scenic boat ride on the Rainbow River for a possible up-close photo opportunity.

Still wanting to know how it all really works? Join Heather Carrow with Master the Possibilities in the Behind the Scenes at Master the Possibilities event March 23. Come and learn what it takes to plan, implement, and execute the educational curriculum with a small staff and team of dedicated volunteers and faculty members.

Don’t forget registration is currently underway for all March through May selections. Visit us online at 24 hours a day for additional course selections with descriptions and to register, or simply call us 9 a.m. – 4 p.m. Monday through Friday at (352) 854-3699.


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